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About Holistic Health Clinic

Holistic Health Clinic is a home-based therapy clinic based on 5,000 years of Ayurvedic wisdom owned by Mahesh Adhikari. With more than 15 years' experience in therapeutic remedial massage and ayurvedic training, Mahesh designs and delivers a holistic program of treatment, diet and lifestyle to suit your personal needs.

Clients often start with the highest quality massage and progress naturally to protocols that deal with underlying issues that affect their individual health.

Our role

They were lacking a website to connect them with those seeking natural health solutions. Our mission was to create an impactful and effective digital presence. We specialize in developing high-quality, creative websites with exceptional designs, compelling content, and robust SEO strategies. To achieve this, we developed a smart content strategy to engage their audience and crafted eye-catching designs to make their site stand out. Our goal is to help them grow, connect with more people, and transform their digital presence into a powerful tool for their business.

Key Challenges

A completely unique industry to work for.

Difficulty to understand the audience mentality.

Engagement with Target Audience

A completely new website that could showcase what My Holistic Clinic is.

“Being new to the such a unique industry was not just a challenging task for us but an opportunity to showcase our expertise in this field. Our dedicated research and continuous collaboration with the client brought success for My holistic health.”

We love what we do

With a team of expert marketers armed with cutting-edge tools and industry insights, we deliver extraordinary solutions to maximize your ROI. With over years of experience in Web Development, Mobile Application Development, and Digital Marketing to Strategic Planning, we’ve got you covered.

The solution

We feel more than blessed to work with My Holistic Health Clinic to promote their Ayurvedic consultation aims to discover the root cause of individual problems affecting the body. Holistic Health Clinic aims to demystify holistic health and make it accessible to all, empowering everyone to integrate Ayurvedic wisdom into their healing journey. Their mission is to restore balance and harmony through a holistic approach that encompasses various aspects of an individual’s life, herbal remedies, detoxification, meditation, and more.

To align with the mission of Holistic Health Clinic and the needs of the disabled community; we’ve designed a website to attract people who are looking for ayurvedic holistic treatment and therapies. Creative design but easy and simple information absolutely acts as communication bridge between My Holistic Health Clicnic and people looking for Holistic therapies

We helped
them with:

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

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The website is now the foundation for My Holistic Health Clinic, building credibility in the natural healing industry and giving them the platform and confidence to accelerate their brand.

Added value from Mangobyte

And then, Mangobyte Digital arrived, armed with digital intelligence and a deep understanding of My Holistic Health Clinic's mission. In every corner of the website, we wove a magical tale that reflected their passion for holistic wellness and showcased their dedication to personalized Ayurvedic therapies.

Moreover, we optimized the website's navigation, ensuring that visitors could easily find the information they needed. Potential clients felt welcomed, empowered, and inspired while exploring the site, leading to increased engagement and trust in My Holistic Health Clinic's services.

Together, we proved that even in the digital age, humanity and empathy would forever be the cornerstones of transforming lives for the better. Finally, My Holistic Health Clinic thanked us for helping them bridge the gap between their heartfelt mission and the online world, enabling them to reach and heal more individuals seeking natural health solutions.

Website Development

Responsive website that connects the audiences

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Website Development

Sucess of our work

In this short span of time, My Holistic Health Clinic has been able to connect with a broader audience, expand their service areas, and generate leads. They have also attracted individuals passionate about Ayurvedic treatments, allowing them to hire dedicated practitioners and natural therapy experts as per their requirements.


My Holistic Health Clinic briefed us about the requirement, and using our knowledge and expertise, we’ve been able to see how the website could be designed and helped us plan and strategize for the development process. My Holistic Health Clinic is a business focused on natural healing techniques, so it was initially challenging for us to understand the mindset of their customer base and audience. However, through collaboration and communication with Mr. Mahesh Adhikari and our extensive research, we were able to create an amazing, simple-to-read website tailored to their needs. We understand that designing a website from scratch for your own business can be daunting, and we made sure to offer as much support to Shuter Smith as possible to ensure they got the website they wanted. It has been a great project to work on, and we look forward to working with them again as they grow their ambitious brand.

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