More than Just a Marketer, A Visionary Steve Jobs (Thread)

Steve Jobs was a perfectionist who believed in raising the bar, risking it, and believing in limitless possibilities. He was more of a Visionary than a Marketer.

The perfectionist Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 with his two partners. As a result, his farsighted visions and strategies made Apple one of the most successful companies in the world, leaving inspiration to millions of people.

From being a college dropout to being the man behind Apple, Steve Jobs has been on a journey of both rainbows and rains. After all, it was about surviving the challenges and making it through his visions.

While growing up, Jobs spent most of his time in the family garage. As he had a keen interest in electronic equipment. That’s what pulled his interest in technology and made him an innovative thinker. 

After being enrolled in Reed College, he got a chance to meet Steve Wozniak. That’s what changed his life after he dropped out of college the first semester.

Although he was a college dropout he used to attend some classes and engage himself in calligraphy. On the other hand, he started to work as a video game developer for a company. After a certain period of time, Jobs travelled back to India and reunited with Wozniak.

Jobs and Wozniak shared a common interest; the love for chips and electronics. One random day, when Steve Jobs was at Wozniak’s house, he saw a board that Wozniak was working on. At that very moment, Jobs decided that computers were the future of people. So, they took the board (Apple I) for a demonstration in a college. 

Although the audience was not amazed at that board, the same board became the core component for building up the Apple Computer. Furthermore, after having a deal with Paul (a retailer) to make more than 50 machines, they worked in Steve’s garage along with his group of friends.

Jobs realised that he should create something convenient after Paul told him that people would prefer to buy the whole monitor attached to a board instead.  Therefore, his main agenda was to build a market that didn’t exist. 

In lack of sufficient investment Jobs and Wozniak struggled. But at that very moment, Mike Markkula came as an Angel Investor for Apple. Hence, with lots of experiments on the machine; from fitting the fans to placing the monitor with the board, Apple Computer II was exhibited in San Francisco in 1977.

As a result, this duo hit the market differently by revolutionising the computer industry and making the machines simple & good to look at.

Even though Steve Jobs had a great business strategy, he was making everyone else unhappy in the company. Everyone thought that he was not capable enough to become the CEO. 

So, Jobs himself chose John Sculley, the president of Pepsi. Co as the CEO of Apple in 1983. The reason behind choosing him was his marketing skills which led Apple Computer to the next level.

Later on, in 1984 Macintosh was launched after Jobs took the lead in the project. It was the all-in-one personal computer to fulfil the needs of the masses. 

With its amazing software having various fonts, and layouts it was successfully launched. Bill Gates was also a good friend of Jobs and with that Bill introduced Microsoft by using exactly the same software (typography style) in it.

At that time the main rivalry for Apple Computer was IBM. The growth of Apple hampered the other existing companies as well.  Even though Jobs was a great business strategist, the internal power struggle fired him from the company in 1985.

Steve Jobs had to face a very hard time as every one of his friends was leaving his side including Steve Wozniak. Well, Wozniak felt that it was impossible to carry on the goals that Jobs had built, leaving Jobs lonely and frustrated at the situation.

However, Jobs’ vision of building something great was still there within himself. So, he gathered some of the employees from Apple and started an Enterprise named NeXT which was based on software and hardware development.

Along with the time, the company flourished in selling its operating system to the public while Apple was seeing a downfall on the other side. Jobs with a brilliant strategic mind collaborated with Apple by taking complete control of the company in his hands. This partnership with Apple resulted in the generation of more innovative products.

Well, Steve Jobs exactly aligned with the desires of his customers and showcased highly sellable products such as the iPhone, Macbook Air, and iPod. 

After that, he bought George Lucas’ Computer Division and renamed the group to “Pixar.” 

Apart from this,  the deal with Disney for the release of the Toy Story movie became a game-changer as it happens to be the first-ever movie developed by the sole use of a computer.

The main reason behind the success story of Steve Jobs was his creativity, clear vision, and most importantly his business mindset. Moreover, he came into the limelight as a marketing genius and a brilliant visionary after inspiring millions of people.

“Steve Jobs influences lives for progress. Be inspired by his marketing principles to drive your brand’s success.”

Here’s how we elevate your business with the ideas from Jobs;

Keeping up with the Vision

As we said Steve Jobs was a visionary who never got back from his visions and ideas. He always nurtured his innovations and tried to create something big. Moreover, his efforts and dedication, made Apple stand out in the crowd with almost zero competitors. So, we need to keep up with our visions if we want to stand out from our competitors like Jobs.


Steve Jobs was a genius with lots of creative ideas. He knew how to serve his customers by understanding their exact needs and demands Furthermore, he mastered product designing as his focus was always on improving his products.

“Creativity has no limitations so the more we brainstorm the more ideas are generated which leads to innovation.”

Grab the opportunity

What inspires us the most is his dedication and never give up attitude even after being fired from the company he built. There was a time when Apple’s sales went down and the Board realised its importance in the company. Well, he did not hesitate for a single moment to grab this opportunity to prove himself and take the lead.  He taught us that failure is another path to becoming a better version of yourself.  

“Identifying opportunities and grabbing them at the right time is what winners do.

Creating a Sense of Exclusivity

With a keen focus on his customers and limited releases, Steve Jobs created a sense of exclusivity among his customers. His strategy played a fantastic role in increasing the demand for Apple in the market.

From this, we can learn to keep the customer’s perspective in mind for branding any product.

Strong Customer Base

With his every product, he delivered constant quality and innovation to the customers. He built up a strong customer base in his circle. As a result,  people’s trust in Apple Products increased leading the customers to buy more and more of Apple Products.

Thus, building a strong customer base automatically leads to gaining the customer’s trust and value.


Steve Jobs was the master of communication as he knew how to establish credibility among the audience. The way he presented his product’s specifications, benefits, and end-user experiences was fascinating. And, this led to customer excitement and zeal to purchase Apple products. Hence, communication is the formula for every brand’s success.

Risk Taking

As an entrepreneur, one must always be able to bear and tackle the risk that comes along the way. Jobs also didn’t fear developing the Apple Store which was a huge investment in technology at that time. Later, with his calculated risks and better decisions, the Apple Store was a huge success. That is why, taking risks and not fearing the results actually creates a greater probability of creating huge success stories.

Now, it’s your time to create and shine! 

The marketing principles of Steve Jobs are indeed the best ones for most marketers. With the insights of his marketing principles, you can surely transform your marketing into an art. 

But are you the one? 

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